I saw you and my eyes set off. I didn't even knew it could be so hard. If I could just get back i'll keep ignoring you 'til we graduate. But i'm hopeless, it' s useless: You're part of my heart now. My head can't stop thinking about you, and my eyes don't get tired of seeing you. My hands are dying because they can't touch you as much as they want to. My entire body screams for your skin, I need you, I need you to be mine! If I pretend, If I lie, to my self, to everybody, to you, I won't be happy, but that's the only way. At least you are not far away from me if I keep it this way. Fuck this way of being, fuck it off.!

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  1. Me encanta esa foto!-
    Y Me encanta lo que escribiste... aunse sea medio triste! jajjjajaja-
    un besi grande cielo♥