Sick of every up and down, every turn turn around and being.. complicated. Stick on me i'm sure you want to I.. will find you so soon, I'll keep searching for your light.


Thought we’re safe but we’re dangling

I want something but i don't know what. seems to me that everything around me makes sense just because you're around. It's funny how things can turn out the way you planed, and still, disappoint you. And now I'm scared, of it all, of you and i wanna go home, please let me be the one who leaves first. Running, flying, dangling until i'm gone. Still don't know what I want, but still want something like that.. you've gotta scream now, because nothing lasts.



You see that girl?, yeah her, she seems so invincible, right?
But just touch her and she'll wince.
She has secrets and trusts no one.
She's the perfect example of betrayal.
'Cause everyone she's ever trusted broke her.