I’m trying to keep my calm, I can’t go any further.
I’m just searching for a place, please tell me where to find it.
I’ve been like this almost my entire life, or at least what I can remember.
I also remember I could felt, but not anymore.
I would appreciate the sun on my skin, the wind on my face,
The touch of your hand, your whispered words in my ear.

I know I’m not the only one who’s searching,
I know that you’ve felt it too, do these tears are here to stay,
Or is this just temporary?
Am I going to be allowed to live again? To heal my brain?
Do this tears are here to stay?

I’m In a place I can’t call my own. I don’t feel like I belong.
There’s so much trash around me, I wouldn’t know how to leave.
So I sing this song, I spend the day … daydreaming.
So this is how it is?
So this is how it’s going to be?

Don’t break me, don’t touch me, don’t even look at me.
I just wanna be another shadow, something you’ll ignore.
Somehow I like it, I like to be ignored.
So don’t love me, don’t love me anymore.

Don’t say that you need me, I don’t even need me.

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