About hurting

We tend to see the brighter side of people. We simply assume that they are perfect and we choose to fall for them. We never see the sings, the little things that show us the door to the other side. And we fall. We fall in love with them but still, think they’re perfect. That’s our mistake. They are as far from perfect as we. So we start to see the leaks. The blur. And we get mad. At them. At ourselves for not noticing before. And we get disappointed and we hurt. We cry. We hurt them as well. We leave. What we’re never gonna learn is that they can be loved for their dark side as well. And that they don’t need to hide it, and we don’t need to hide our dark side either. We just got to find that one person.. that person who will know our flaws as well as our qualities and love everyone of them. Don’t get mad if you don’t find that person on time, or ever. It can be hard.. and is very special when you do. But you can try to love the ones you know, knowing their flaws and trying to love them as well. That’s a start. Love is not easy and it isn’t perfect at all. So stop looking for perfection, and start looking for that crazy and completely absurd sensation of madness that love can give you, when you see that imperfect being and still, love it. 

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